Resignation of Directors and Advisor

Council of Conservative Citizens
New Jersey / Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter
PO Box 119
Oxford, New Jersey 07863

November 4, 2013

RE: Resignation from the Board of Directors / Reasons
Dear CofCC ‘Executive’ Board:

This letter is written on behalf of the undersigned members of the CofCC as well as me.
We have found these situations:
1)  Adequate time has passed since the June 8, 2012 Board Meeting and no contact or dissemination of meeting minutes has been made to ANY of the absent directors. Meeting minutes and agendas have been brought up as an issue both in and out of meetings as a problem that needed to be addressed. The previous meeting minutes are handed out at the beginning of the current meeting and the agenda is carefully controlled with little opportunity to address anything not scripted.
2)  The hostile refusal to disseminate the Bylaws to the members of the Board of Directors in completely unacceptable. The request for the Bylaws has been made by several Directors, including myself, personally as well as in a Board Meeting. Aggressive and juvenile personal attacks and responses such as, “What do you need those for?” invokes the suspicion that something is being hidden from us. It is impossible to take the position of Director seriously without knowing the rules of operation. It is absurd.
3)  The recent appointment of Sid Secular to the Board of Directors is a major issue.
a.  First, the question of having a quorum comes up. The usually poor attendance at Board Meetings by Directors combined with the absence of such large number of normally attending Directors leads to the belief that such a vote would be invalid. But, without having the meeting minutes distributed in a timely manner or the organization’s Bylaws, how can anyone really know what is going on?
b.  He has been voted “no” or the vote postponed how many times now? It is obvious that the Board members DO NOT WANT him to sit on the Board. The matter comes down to one individual and his desires, not the wishes of the organization.
c.  Many of us, Directors and members, were specifically told by the CEO that the CofCC would never appoint him or anyone of similar character and background. Yet that is exactly what took place.
d.  Additionally, Mr. Secular is unfit due to the overwhelming number of times he has acted in a manner that is damaging to the reputation to the Council. Some of these issues were brought up in previous meetings. The juvenile rebuttal by some was embarrassing and the resulting slander and personal attacks against other Directors since is downright sleazy. All of these issues have
been discussed in online conversations. Luckily, I have maintained screen dumps and archives of these conversations as evidence of lying and deception by certain parties during the Board Meeting discussions (xxxx xxxxx, yyyy yyyyyy, zzzz zzzzzzz, etc). These files have been shared with other Directors.
4)  The financial situation has led to serious concerns among some directors about the budget and spending.
a.  We have obtained the EIN numbers and Forms 990s for several years for both the Council and the Foundation. The income and ‘expenses’ for several years up to 2012 are know known to many Directors. This is the first time anyone has had any real information to go on for some time, despite repeat requests for financial reports during Board Meetings and outside of them. Again, such requests have been met with hostile denial and more accusations.
b.  Yearly incomes ranging from $60K to $148K have been reported, yet no accurate explanation of expenditures has ever been provided. Generalized numbers for Citizen Informer publication costs (which upon investigation is grossly overpriced), website costs, and obviously inaccurate ‘meeting expenses’ still does not explain what is going on with the money.
c.  Concerns of expenses are multiplied by the fact that the two most active chapters that hold sizeable meetings, Mississippi and NJ / E. PA, never receive support despite numbers as large as $20K for meeting costs are thrown around in Form 990. All expenses are out of pocket for Chapters and guests. Even Director Paul Fromm pays his own travel expenses despite travelling all over the US on behalf of the CofCC.
d.  The financial committee has become a joke. We have received ZERO out of it since inception. Two serious and legitimate attempts to generate donations have been met with opposition and denial. Director Fromm’s attempts to distribute a solicitation letter and Director Garcia-Quintana’ fundraising plans have been met with opposition and refusal of cooperation from the CEO to the point of the CEO accusing people of planning to ‘make money’ off of our membership list.
5)  There is almost no effort or interest in activism from the Board of Directors and lack of support for the local chapters and their activists is troubling.
a.  As stated, no financial support is notably absent despite more than adequate yearly income; however nonmembers have been financially aided in many instances on the insistence of certain Directors. The very same activists that just one and two board meetings previously it was openly stated by the CEO that we were NOT to support these personalities as the Council due to public antics (well documented and disseminated to the Directors). Now, we openly embrace them, compensate them, and allow them to address our meetings.
b.  Proposals to support and guide local chapters and activist put forth during Board Meetings have received zero support. The communication of such suggestions has not even been made, leading to the assumption that the ‘executive’ Board has little interest in putting forth any sort of agenda to encourage effective activism.
c.  The Citizen’s Informer and website have become an albatross for the Council. The CEO, Web Master, and Editor(s) have made us a de facto internet news outlet and nothing more; and not even a good one. The grammar and structure put forth in the newspaper is amateur and 75% of the content is not even originating from within the CofCC. It is not for a lack of volunteers, either.
d.  Despite ‘higher than SPLC and ADL” traffic, the website is old fashioned, not user friendly, and often poorly sensationalized re-writes of other works. It is nothing more than an enhanced news aggregator.
e.  There has been a blatant attempt to undermine the cohesiveness of North(east)ern chapters and members by certain elements with Council, namely the CEO and Asst. Editor.

These are just highlight of the major issues and concerns among the undersigned members that has led to the submission of out resignation from all position within the CofCC. It is with no enthusiasm that we are submitting our resignation, since we all have all accepted our positions with the intent honestly working for the advancement of our people, not membership and income.

In a healthy and fully functioning organizational structure, these issues could be properly put forth and discussed, but as it currently stands, the Council of Conservative Citizens is not such an organization.
We will naturally continue our fight for our folk, together or independently, as we see fit; just like we did before the CofCC came to us to for help. We will be more effective without the troubling concerns and distraction sowed by some of the “executive” Board and their minions.

Good luck, you will need it.

New Jersey , Council of Conservative Citizens Former Director, Council of Conservative Citizens
Former New Jersey / E. Pennsylvania Chapter Leader

Tennessee , Council of Conservative Citizens Former Director, Council of Conservative Citizens

South Carolina, ouncil of Conservative Citizens Former Director, Council of Conservative Citizens

Tennessee, Former National Advisor, Council of Conservative Citizens